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Ken Hensley after Saturday evening:
  "That was a night I'll never forget "

London England

 May 6th &  7th 2000

Update April 7th 2002

Heepvention 2000 was a sort of logical progression after Heepventions in the States in 1997, 1998 & 1999. Graham Hulme, Alan Keetly & John Lawton organised the biggest Heepvention sofar. As Uriah Heep could not attend the vention, it was Ken Hensley & John Lawton's GunHill who helped to make the vention to an unforgettable event. Heepsters came from all over the world to meet eachother and their heroes, Ken & John ofcourse, but also Paul Newton & Iain Clarke.

Just listen to the later released CD The Return, and you will know what a great Heepsters Party it was. Heepvention 2000 marked a point of friendship between fans, the start of the Hensley-Lawton band, the start of Classic Rock Productions. 

In 2002 the The Magicians Birthday Party DVD/CD  will be released. A live registration with Uriah Heep, Ken Hensley, John Lawton & Thijs van Leer. 

One can simply say that this could happen because of the USA heepsters who started with the  very first Heepvention in 1997.....and on and on....

Enjoy these pictures and reviews as a historic document made by the Heepsters on the Web.

Dave White, Rodrigo Werneck & Louis Rentrop

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