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 May 6th &  7th 2000


Current band

Was there any contact with the band themselves during the HV? Were they at
all resentful that Hensley/Lawton came in and it seems somewhat stole the
show? Just wondering because noone seems to have mentioned the current

I found out yesterday they did have a "presence". I'll leave Dave Owen to
tell you the story.



Just to fill you in about videos. Many people were taking videos, but amongst
us was a real pro - Kiril from Israel. He has top notch gear, and has full
editing facilities. As well as taping everything, he also did interviews with
Ken, John and yours truly. This will be the "official" one, but I'm sure
others will have some great footage too.

He will be editing it all when he gets back to Israel (he's going round
Europe at the moment). Hope to have something from him by end June/early July
if all goes to plan.
As it stands at the moment, we're talking about getting a VHS-PAL master and
an NSTC master sent here, and then we need to sort out the logistics of
reproduction and distribution, if anyone is interested.

Also on the film, we hope to have included a special videotaped message from
the current line-up of UH, which Rod and Tapio took at the gig in Denmark the
day before HV, but which couldn't be shown at HV due to technical reasons.

We'll keep you informed.