London England



 May 6th &  7th 2000

When it all had to start.......


Just wanted to bring you all up to date with how HV is progressing.We are
about as ready as we are ever going to be for you all !
 Ken Hensley is in the UK and is REALLY fired up for HV !
Ian Clarke is also going to be present.
The Hensley/Lawton band is rehearsing as we speak, I have double checked
with the Kenton and Euston hotels and all is well there.
I know some of you have left already for the UK,and indeed some are already  here !
May we wish all of you a safe journey,and soon you will be part of the
biggest Heep party ever !!!!!!!!!!
Take care,and see you all VERY soon.

Alan,Graham,John ,Iris.


What you have to say the days, and weeks after...

Heepvention 2000 -
What can I say about an event of such epic proportions almost 2 months
down the road...  To go on about how gobsmackingly wonderful it was would be simply irrelevant now.  And I doubt if anyone would be interested in leading about my odyssey, how I got to London and what I had for breakfast, lunch,  etc.   I will say one thing though:  such an event can only happen but once   in a lifetime (at least in mine, and I don't think I'm alone here).  Also   would like to add words of gratitude to those old and especially new friends of mine who have helped me - and are still helping me - ensure that I would  not miss out on this event!
  Alexander Kolesnikov.


Our lager,
Which art in barrels,
Hallowed be thy drink,
Thy will be drunk,
(I will be drunk),
At home as I am in the tavern.
Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us our spillages,
As we forgive those who spill against us,
and lead us not to incarceration,
But deliver us from hangovers,
For Thine is the beer,
The bitter and the lager,
Forever and ever, Barmen.

All the best,

Rodrigo Werneck

Nice to participate at HV2K!!
Although I can't speak enough English, I was pleasure because I could meet
ex.Heep members and  many Heepsters who came from all over the world.
There were 6 persons from Japan in it.
Yasu (his video is good!!) & I would like to participate at next HV again.
Maybe, Hiro Matsushita & Hirotaka Ishikawa, too.
Toru & Kay Tada say... "We want to play at Heepsters Jam Sessions".
Of course, they are O.K. as "STEERFORTH".
Thank you!!


From Mike Taylor who phoned with Paul Newton

I'd just got in from work this evening when the phone rang, it was Paul
Newton. Some of you already know that we met when I was a 13 year old in 1970
when I lived in the same road as him and we've been in contact ever since.

Paul wanted me to pass on his regards and heartfelt thanks to everyone who
attended the Heepvention. He said he had the most amazing time. I know when I
spoke to him on the run up to HV, even as far back as a year ago he wasn't
sure it would ever take place but he was totally blown away with the whole
event and the reaction of everyone.

He had his wife, Joan with him and some friends and family and he was worried
that they wouldn't like it but they all enjoyed themselves immensely. In fact
he said that it's done his credibility no end of good.

He also sends his thanks to everyone who took the time out to speak to him
(and I know there were many) and for all the kind words. He sends his
apologies for not personally saying goodbye to everyone. He left just before
the end of Gunhill as he had a 2hr 30min drive home.

He also wanted me to pass on his huge thanks to the organisers, Graham, Lynn,
Alan, Margaret and Dave O. He said that the event couldn't have been better
and in his eyes (along with everyone else's) was a major success.

He had never met John Lawton before and was full of praise for his voice and
for Gunhill who he said were a truly excellent and tight band. He has asked
me to send him some CD-R's of John's stuff. He did say that he, Ken and John
have talked about doing some more gigs together in the future but don't hold
your breath but you never know.

With regard to future Heepventions, he wants to be there. If it is San Diego
next year or wherever he will combine it with a holiday, he just wants to
know in good time to be able to plan things.

He loved all the jams and said it was great to see so many people playing
Heep's music. All the performances he said were top class.

Paul is online at his work and has seen all the stuff put up so far. He
claims he is a novice so he is still learning but hopes to be up to speed

If anyone has anything they want me to pass back to Paul please let me know.

Mike Taylor

From: "tada"
Subject: Hello from Japan
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 21:43:25 +0900

To: Mr. Rodrigo Werneck
      Mr. Dave White
      Mr. Louis Rentrop


My name is Kay Tada, a vocalist of the Japanese Uriah Heep
cover band.
I participated HEEPVENTION 2000 in London with my husband and
spent the fun time with you. Stay On Top Band was so cool!

My husband Toru really loves Uriah Heep, this time he was
inspired with HV2K, so he thought he should do something
not only a band performance but advertising on the web site
to let more people know Uriah Heep.

We have our HP for the short introduction of our band,
please kindly take a look it and if possible, let us
join on your site in anyway.
URL is:

Above is not the index page since all other pages are
in Japanese.  Just in case, the URL is:

We are having our latest gig on May 14th.  My friend Taasan,
who is Japanese web master is coming to see us.
Thanks for your attention and we are looking forward
to seeing you again at HV2001!

Very best regards,
Toru & Kay Tada - Tokyo

From Bob Winward: 

Someone asked about setlist, I guess when the video comes out, it will be
more accurate.  These are the songs I remember, but not sure of the order.
I was in shock!!

Easy Livin'
Guard Your Heart
The Return
Close Your Eyes (new from Ken)
Lady in Black
July Morning

Follow up by Mike Taylor:


It's Up To You (from glimpse of Glory)   This was the opening song.
I'm Alive.   This one of my Heep faves, a fantastic version.
Wise Man. Just John with Ken on the Piano
The Wizard.  Ken on Acoustic

I think Sympathy was only done by Gunhill
July Morning had John and Ken singing alternate verses. As in a lot of the
songs, at times the vocals were accompanied by 300 or so other voices.

> Did Lawton do all lead vocals?

He did most of them but not all. Ken did nearly all of his recent stuff and
Lady in Black, John did all the rest including Guard your Heart which,
correct me if I'm wrong, he dedicated to Iris.

I've got almost all of it on video except for the last 10 secs and the encore
Gypsy when my tape ran out. I spoke to at least one Heepster in tears after
this performance. There seemed to be a consensus of opinion amongst those who
had seen Heep recently that it was better than Heep. Look out for that Video.


Well as HV proper doesn't really start until today there aren't too many
stories to come out yet. Friday get together was great. We started taking
over the pub from about 5-30 pm. Ok I started about 5:30 and everyone came
along later. Took John L about 15 minutes to get a drink by the time he had
said hello to everyone. Man it was great to see about 100 or more people of
all nationalities in the bar last night. JL was the only band man to get
there, but Roger the keyboard player and Chris Jones the former drummer in
Gunhill turned up as well. A night of broken conversations as more people
kept turning up and greeting everyone. I think Gra was still having a panic
about HV arrangements.

Cannibal was there but hasn't eaten anyone! Moshe was there, loud and in
full voice. He may be Boris's first victim :-))) That was so cool to finally
meet Boris after all these years and Rich Wagner and Tapio and Rodrigo and
well you get the idea, it goes on . Then there's renewing aquaintances with
the Dutch Heepsters. I think I'm still on a high, 12 hours after the Mrs
dragged me out of the pub to get the last train home, just as I get a fresh
pint of Guinness as well :-)

Bobbby Winward phones and wakes me after 6.5 hours sleep to see if I'd heard
more about the NC gang.

Lannis I hope you're feeling better and can get over here. I keep trying to
get through to Mac and MAusa, but get no response from the apartment block.

OK I'm off to start getting ready at HV.

See you soon. I'm staying in London tonight, so there won't be any mail from
home for a few days.


Hi All,

Just checking in.

I am glad to hear that Lannis is OK.

I have had to leave the Heepavention early as I have to fly to Europe on

Just to let you know the Hensley / Lawton band were just AWESOME. I am going
to remember that set for a long long time.

Back in a couple of days.
Cannot wait to get back to relive it again on video, Man what a gig, This
band should go on tour.

(I am late for my flight)


I have put up some pics from HV2000 for you all to see. I will write a full report when I have come down from a very BIG high.

I just cannot put into words at the moment my feelings. Please allow me a little time. I know that Graham and John also had not been able to sleep for a week prior to HV.

Sorry the pics are a little on the large side,but I wanted you to see them in all their glory.

Needless to say everyone who was there will NEVER forget these last two days and nights.




The heepster jam band did a killer version of Why!!  You should have heard
Mike Taylor on bass on that one!!  Oh, a quick memory from Hensley-Lawton,
on the last song, Gypsy,  Paul Newton picked up Mike Taylors bass and played

I got to see most of the places mentioned in Heep History, thanks to Mike
Taylor and Pete Wharton.

Friday, I visited Salisbury with Mike and saw the infamous Alex's Disco.
Mike also drove us by his old house in Andover and showed us where Paul
Newton used to live.  They really were neighbors in Andover!!!

On Sunday, Mike showed me the building on Oxford Street where Bron used to
have his headquarters, he also showed me the place where the Raging in
Silence video was recorded.

Today, Pete took me back to the airport  (he wanted to make sure I left
England)  and we stopped at the Hanwell Community Centre, where Heep had
some of their early rehearsals with Deep Purple in the same building.

All these places looked like buildings, yet it was cool to know that they
were part of Heep history.`

Well, I haven't been home long and am suffering from Jet Lag.  I have lots
and lots of stories and antecdotes, but am really tired.  Plus I had to plow
through 4 days of posts.  Before I retire for the evening I have something
to say.

First of all I want to thank Graham and Lynn, Alan and Margaret, Mike and
Denise, John and Iris for all the hard work they put in to make this the
greatest event in history!!  They worked their butts off.  I thoroughly
enjoyed meeting them too!!!

I personally want to thank Pete Wharton for picking  us up at the airport on
Thursday.  He got us and Alex.  Pete even took Jan and I back to the airport
today.  He went above and beyond the call of duty, and I really appreciate
it!!  Pete is the nicest, warmest guy you can ever meet, and the legend is
true.  He can drink those Ales all day, all night and still keeps on
smiling!!  I even said to him Friday evening at the Prince Alfred pub,  "I
love you man"  Pete said "sorry Bob, you ain't getting my Guiness"
(Amercian Joke) hee hee!!

I want to thank Mike Taylor and Denise for meeting Jan and I in Salisbury on
Friday, and taking us on the tour.   The Salisbury Cathederal is awesome and
so was Stone Henge.  Mike and Denise also took us into town on Sunday for
some more site seeing.   A lovely couple who also went above and beyond the
call of duty.

So thanks to the Whartons and Taylors for making our stay so enjoyable.

Also a special thanks to Janine and Denise, they made my life so much easier
for Hv2k by looking after Janice (the wife) for me.

Bob Winward

Thanks for the kind words Bob. We too had a great time. It was great visiting
Salisbury again, seeing so many familiar places. Denise had never been there
before so it was just as new to her as it was to you and Janice. Stonehenge
brought back just as many memories mainly surrounding the rock festivals held
there around the summer solstice in the late 70's. They were great times.

>  Friday, I visited Salisbury with Mike and saw the infamous Alex's Disco.
>  Mike also drove us by his old house in Andover and showed us where Paul
>  Newton used to live.  They really were neighbors in Andover!!!

The Alexandra rooms as they were called in Alexandra house. From the outside
you would never have thought that there was a reasonably large
"disco"/nightclub inside. The building looks so unlikely. It is now a
municipal building holding the local magistrates court.
>  On Sunday, Mike showed me the building on Oxford Street where Bron used to
>  have his headquarters, he also showed me the place where the Raging in
>  Silence video was recorded.

Back in 1974 I was in London with a friend and we went to the Bron offices in
Oxford st, mainly to complain as we had not received our goodies after
joining the Heep fan club. When we got there the whole band were there for a
meeting with Gerry Bron. Naturally we had a chat and got autographs etc.
> The heepster jam band did a killer version of Why!!  You should have heard
> Mike Taylor on bass on that one!!  Oh, a quick memory from Hensley-Lawton,
> on the last song, Gypsy,  Paul Newton picked up Mike Taylors bass and played
> it.

Thanks again for the kind words Bob but I have to say after reviewing my
video that Denise took I couldn't hear my bass but what I could hear of
everyone else was great. Dale's vocals with John L doing alternate verses
were loud and clear and I loved the last verse where they harmonised
together, Dave White's always excellent guitar, Madman's truly superb
drumming,  and to me the star performer was Alex with his excellent keys. He
was right next to me and It was fantastic to hear that Hammond singing away.

Despite all the time problems, a lot of jams did take place and I have to say
everyone was superb. Having not been to a HV before I didn't know what to
expect, but without exception everyone was fantastic.

With regard to Paul Newton using my Bass, my video ran out of tape about 10
seconds before the end of the regular set so I didn't get anything of Gypsy,
so if anyone has pictures of Paul using my bass please, please, please can
they let me have a copy.


Hello my friends,

Just a short note to say thank you to all that put on the "Experience of a
Lifetime", and to say "Hi" once again to all the people that I can now say
that I have had the immense pleasure of meeting !

I am emotionally drained, and the flight back alone from the UK was filled
with memories, and relived emotions.

The entire weekend was the best of times.

I will try to put it all into words later today, but I doubt if any words
could adequately describe the weekend.

Cheers to you all,

Dave White

I came home from London late on Monday(8/5) and Iīm
still tired. The HV was great. Bob has somehow managed
to find all the words I havenīt been able to find to
describe the feeling and atmosphere at the HV and I
think his review is great. It was really nice to see
so many people from the list I only knew the name of.
I went to London 5/5 -alone, without company. That
was the first time Iīve going somewhere by plane and I
was very nervous about it. Iīd made some tapes with my
fave Heep songs on, that I called "Traveler In
Time"(because I was going to travel in time;) ). Some
of you that I spoke to know that I didnīt include
"Flyinī High" and that it had nothing to do with what
I think of the song(Iīm sure you understand why I
didnīt include it). If something can cheer you up and
make you forget your problems and fears itīs Heepīs
music. After all I was going to a HV. Apart from the
SO t-shirt I also wore my Heep necklace(think Iīm
famous for it now!!??)that I canīt take off even if I
want to :)(too worn out. It will fall into pieces if I
    I arrived in London late and got a little lost
I tried to find my hotel but managed to get to the pub
where we were going to meet before they closed. My
hearing wasnīt too good after the flight and I had
problems with hearing what people said to
me(fortunately it was normal the next morning). When I
came close to the entrance I heard some Heep music and
knew Iīd come to the right place. Inside I saw a lot
of people wearing Heep T-shirts and other Heep things.
What a wonderful sight! I met some Heepsters that I
talked to and the Heepsters Iīd been in personal
correspondence with. A nice start on an unforgettable

Saturday was a hot day -at least for someone from
Sweden where the trees in my part of the country only
had buds. I was going out trying to find a shop but
got totally lost and walked around for hours before I
found an underground station. I was very tired when I
came to Queenīs Park. I had to ask a man that worked
there at the station where The Corrib Rest was. He
told me he had seen at least 50 people going in the
same direction and asked me what was going to take
part that night and I told him. A little further down
the road I passed by a restaurant where some people
sat outside. I heard someone say: "Oh no, there comes
another one" and then addressed to me: "Youīre on the
right way. Just go a little further down the road..."
Later on when I sat outside CR three guys walked up to
me and asked me why there were millions of people
wearing Heep t-shirts. I donīt think anyone could
have missed to notice us there.(Maybe something to
think of next time Heepīs on tour?).
    Again I met a lot of people which also included
Ken Hensley, John Lawton, Paul Newton, Iain Clarke(so
I missed a couple) and also Kenīs brother Trevor and I
asked them all for their autographs. This day included
the first high light of these two days. It was when
the Hensley/Lawton band was playing and Ken at one
time played on the organ so "violently" so the legs
were moving. WOW!!! Iīll never forget that! What a
performance!!! To a young Heep fan like me it was a
strange feeling to sit there watching ex members of
Heep that I never thought I would see playing live or
even meet. I talked to Ken a little and he treated me
very nice, nicer than Iīd expected. He talked to me ms
Nobody!!!! I hope I didnīt bother him too much(and if
I did I apologize Ken). But this was a great
opportunity to tell him some things Iīve wished to
tell him for years. I also told him Iīd liked his
playing and especially that part mentioned above. My
English is bad so I hope he understood what I meant
-seemed like he did. I talked with Paul Newton as well
and told him what a good bass player he is.
     When I woke up on Sunday I first thought Iīd
become drunk while sleeping till I realized it was the
floor in my hotel room that was sloping. I spent some
time looking in some shops before it was time to
return to CR.
This was a great day as well. The high light was Kenīs
story about a Christmas party...
I heard GunHill for the first time and to me they
sounded good. It was really sad to leave everyone and
know it will take some time before I meet  you  all
It felt so unreal to me to be in London that when I
woke up every morning I thought yesterday had  just
been a dream. I still canīt believe Iīve really been
there. Iīve looked at the pictures that are out on the
net now and if Iīve been dreaming there are a lot of
people out there that have had the same dream as I
have and taken pictures of it.
These two days were two of the longest days in my life
and that wasnīt because it was boring -it was because
so much happened!!!! It feels like Iīve been gone for
a long time and it was just four days!!!!

I would like to thank everyone involved in the
organization of the HV(can you start to relax
now?),the ex Heep members for having patience with us
all and that you came, all other
musicians(Heepsters/non Heepsters) and to all the
Heepsters from near and far for making this weekend
one of the best weekends of my life. Thank you all!!!