London England


"It w"It was Live 79....LIVE !"         Dave White

 May 6th &  7th 2000


Quotes by Mac Steagall

1."Mind the gap!" 
2. When asked why John L was fired from Heep, Ken responded "Drugs!".
   After the laughter subsided he explained he meant his own drug use
   had led to a very bad judgement.
3.When John announced "We're gonna leave you now" near the close of the
  Hensley-Lawton gig. Pete shouted "No, you're not!"

Quotes by Mausa

. 1. "Give Way" (yield signs)
2.  After 17 children, one can understand why the lady turned gay.  (Tour
guide John, riding through the streets of Bath.)
3.  "What a charming accent she has"  (Stella to Monica, about me, as Ken was
signing the Firefly cd insert for me)

And my all-time fave for the week....

Lannis, during the Q&A session on Sunday, with John L. and Ken H. onstage,
asking about possible collaborations in the future....

4.  "You both still look pretty good and still sound pretty good..."

Contributed by Graham Hulme: 

From Oliver Lange, Stay on Top Club:
"Thank you for the best weekend in our lives!!!!!!!!
we will never forget you and your/our friends we met in the UK.
We met a lot of nice people and heard a lot of fantastic music."

From Brian and Lorraine Jones, England (the very first people to register for
HV2000 by the way!):

"We both feel that we have never experienced (and perhaps never will
again) such a focussed "spiritual" time in amongst so many beautiful people."

From Johnny Nilsen, Norway:
"This was an adventure of a lifetime, an event I'll never
forget!.......If the rest of the world could behave in the way
we all did at the vention, there would be no violence and war on this earth!"

From Trevor Hensley:
"Stella and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and we are already practising for
the next one. We wouldn't have missed it for the world and would really like
to keep in touch."

From Shane Kilcrann, Manager of the Corrib Rest, sitting in the other room
during "Wise Man" -
"Jeeze, that bloke can sing, can't he!"

From the Corrib Rest security guys: "We heard it was a rock crowd, and we
were expecting a load of drunken long haired trouble-makers. But this is the
best crowd of people we've ever had in here"

From Dave White, due to be next on after Hensley/Lawton: "No way I'm
following that!". And thus the decision was made to cancel the jam.

From Shane Kilcrann, Corrib Rest Manager, when Ken walked in: "Is that Ron

From John Lawton to me after we'd humped 7 tons of equipment up the stairs - 
"That's about half of it". He was joking. But we looked, and there WAS
another 8 tons to go!

John Lawton to Lynn, ultra-calmly and matter-of-factly, after an amazing
performance with Hensley/Lawton:
"This shirt's great. I just put it in the
washing machine, and it comes out and dries in 5 minutes"

Ken, to me: "What did you do with the money from the CD's?"
Me: "I gave it to Ben"
Ken, with a grin: "Whaaat?! My nephew Ben? I just saw him in the bar with
about thirty girls! Aaaarrrrghh!"

Andrew Hulme, two days before HV: "Dave White's coming to our house? THE Dave

I can honestly say Ive never felt so much emotion during a concert ever . I
don't think any concert large or small has ever moved me in the same way
Saturday night did.

Dave Owen UHAS

John was singing on a song..maybe "Wise Man", or maybe "Come Back to Me"...I
don't know..and we were simply in awe of his voice, and the sound of the
band, the feeling of it all, and the occasion in general...if was a magic
moment for me...

Dave White  Heep.Com


Finally realized one of my dreams. Ken and John together again after 20 years, and it's been fantastic to see also other players,ex uriah heep,

Roberto Cosentino

It was definately the first time I have experienced such
feedback from an audience. Every
song we started and finished was met with such thanks from the audience.

Ruben Kane  GunHill