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When we were young
Meet The Heepsters back in the seventies

January 4th 2004 Picturebook Heep  News Ken Heeplinks

Rita Mishoe Germany (now East Coast USA)
Kris Degruytere BE
Sue Cullen and Andrea UK
Staf Pypen & Dave Amendolara B
John Cole USA
Dan Diehl
John Pack Conraider USA
Eddie Brandblusser B
Ron Mann USA
Dave Sherrod USA
Inge Hietbrink Holland
Roland Austin USA
Alex Gitlin- USA
Tim McGuinness- USA
Vladimir Milovidov- Russia
Paul Kubler- USA
Lynn "Heepsteress" Arngrimson - USA
Bigdog- USA
Graham Hulme
- UK
Alan Keetly - UK
Henk van der Vis
- Holland
Dale Fredericks - USA
Dave White - USA
Howard 'Kazowie' Kemp- USA
Mac Steagall - USA
Mike 'Muzzy'Fedysky - USA
Mike Taylor- UK
Bob Dreher - USA
Rodrigo Werneck - Brasil
Henri Matthes - Brasil
Heepster Gang - Brasil
Jay Pearson - 
Bob Winward -USA
Louis Rentrop - Holland

  • ...Your name here next?? Your very welcome!!!

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Send in your seventies...or beyond picture and a snapshot of the Heepster you are today. Show us your jeans, moonboots, and long hair........

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